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Amty Currency Font – A good replacement of currency images on any webpage

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment
amty Currency font character map

Currency symbols included in Amty Currency

Using font instead of images has many advantages. Like

  1. Font letters can be re-sized easily without losing sharpness.
  2. We can change foreground & background color of text.
  3. We can apply other text decoration to the font.
  4. Many letters(or symbols) are packed in a font.
  5. You can show a font character in any style instead of making new request for an image.
  6. You can use them to generate Captcha
  7. etc.

Amty Currency font is a very good replacement of images. This is open source (under GPL). And it is being used in many big organizations. It can be integrated easily using CSS.


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