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Why not timthumb but amtythumb

April 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Timthumb is a great script, written in PHP for image editing. However I strongly suggest amtyThumb for WordPress users due to some very basic reasons.

  1. amtyThumb is specially designed for WordPress user.
  2. It automatically extract 1st image from an article and resize it as per need.
  3. It requires post id instead of image URL. So no other sites can use script to steal your bandwidth.
  4. Like timThumb, you need not to specify allowed websites.
  5. It is light weighted and uses caching. Caching saves time to extract an image from the post and resizing it.
  6. You can cache/re-cache images for selected or all posts from admin page.
  7. It has an option page where you can test the plugin.

Home URL for amtythumb

Latest version of amtyThumb ie 8.0 doesn’t depend on any external plugin. So just install and enjoy.

amtyThumb is separated from amty thumb post

April 26, 2011 1 comment

Author of amty thumb recent is about to stop any longer support to his last plugin. Instead, He has separated images extraction and thumbnail generation portion. He has published a new wordpress plugin, say amtyThumb, which can help people to place thumbnail anywhere on his wordpress site/blog using short code or php function.


To fetch image from specific post. Resize to half.

[amtyThumbOnly percent=50 post_id=282]

To fetch image from current post. Resize by its width.(adjust height automatically)

[amtyThumbOnly width=50]

Resize an image instead of fetching it from any post.

[amtyThumbOnly image_url= percent=50]

Using PHP function instead of short code

amty_lead_img(width,height,1,image-url,percent,zoom or crop,post-id);


Some network doesn't allow images hosted on photobucket, imageshake, or youtube etc. You can use amtyThumb to display an image without resizing.


amty thumb demo screen shot

AmtyThumb Output

Visit author site for live examples


If you have any query about the plugin fill and submit the below form.

amtyThumb recent, a better way to display posts with thumbnail

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment
amty thumb post widget control panel

Control window for amty thumb recent

amtyThumb recent/post is really a very good alternative of other plugins (like outbrain) display suggestions. Best features of this plugin are;

Features over other plug-in:

  1. Can extract an image which is either on same server or on remote server.
  2. Can extract attached images.
  3. If an image has deleted from the post, it automatically shows 2nd image as thumbnail.
  4. It shows default image, if there is no image in the post, which also can be set.
  5. Appearance is fully customizable through widget panel.
  6. Can extract image from youtube video for when image is not present.
  7. many more

You must read why does this plugin is better than other plugins.

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