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Life is so Simple, Dont make it Complex

Every tear is a sign of brokenness Cutting Onions!,

Every silence is sign of lonliness Zero balance,

Every smile is sign of kindness Daily Brushing,

Every sms is sign of remembrance extra balance.


Life is so Simple

Don’t make it Complex with difficult Explanations ..

Dealing with FEAR


when the source of our fear is the news, there is a really simple solution

Just turn it off

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Often the problem is serious, but the solution may be very simple

A patient walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says to the doctor:

“Whenever I’m laying down, I feel like there’s someone under my bed. When I look under the bed, I feel like someone’s on top of the bed. Under, over, under, over. I’m going crazy!”

“I have a 2 year treatment plan,” says the psychiatrist.

“Come three times a week and you’ll be cured from this problem,” he continues.

“How much will you charge for this treatment?” asks the patient.

“$70.00 per session,” replies the psychiatrist.

“Well, I’m going to think about it,” concludes the patient.

They bump into each other six months later.

“Why didn’t you come see me anymore?” asks the psychiatrist.

“At 70 bucks, three times a week, for 2 years, your sessions were going to be too expensive. So I met this guy at the bar and he cured me for $5.00,” says the patient.

“Oh really? How?”

The patient replies, “For $5.00, he cut the legs off my bed…”

Often the problem is serious, but the solution may be very simple!

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