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Think Zara Hatke

There are many blogger who write on other blog to share their thoughts, popularize their contents, advertise their products and services and to increase back links to their sites.

ThinkZaraHatke.com is one of the open community where anyone can submit their post/contents. There is only one limit over your contents that your contents must have something different(in hindi say “hatke”).

For example; if you write about “how to cross the road?” then your contents might be rejected. But some creative title and contents like “How not to cross the road?”, “peculiar road crossing“, or other unusual contents have strong probability to get published on thinkzarahatke.

amty thumb demo screen shot


This site is launched around 30-40 days ago with its beta version. It offers people/blogger to publish contents to make their unique/different(hatke) identity.

Design of the site is quite ok which seems to be changed in next 2-3 months. Interesting part of this site is its introduction page which is changed time to time. Last time, site owner was showing cricket updates. Then a pendulum  had pasted. Now i am waiting for next……

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